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GB pig prices behind year earlier levels

28 March 2018

The EU-spec SPP remained steady in the week ended 24 March, following a decline in the previous week. At 145.37p/kg, the price averaged a very modest 0.03p higher than the previous week. This time last year prices were rising and the latest price now stands 6p behind 2017 levels.

Producer margins shrinking- but still in the black in Q4

28 March 2018

Falling finished pig prices, coupled to some increase in production costs, meant producer margins were squeezed in the final quarter of 2017. Provisional AHDB estimates suggest producer net margins fell to 13p/kg (£11/head) during the quarter. This was 14p/kg (£11/head) less than in the previous quarter and the lowest level in over a year.

Poultry market update

28 March 2018

Poultry meat production in the UK increased by 1% (13,600 tonnes) year-on-year in 2017, to 1.8 million tonnes, according to Defra data.

Production from boiler chickens accounts for around 85% of all poultry meat produced in the UK, totalling 1.6 million tonnes in 2017, up 2% (35,800 tonnes) year-on-year.

Pork sales volumes continue to fall in early 2018

26 March 2018

The impetus in pork sales recorded in the latter half of 2017 seems to have faded in recent weeks, according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel.

In the 12 weeks ended 25 February, fresh/frozen pork sales volumes were 3% lower year on year. However, the value of the market was still 1% higher than 2017 levels across the period, as average retail prices increased by 4%.

EU exports decline in January

26 March 2018

At 183,000 tonnes, the EU exported 2% less pork in January than last year, according to the latest data from Eurostat. Average prices were also 3% lower, reflecting a drop in farm gate prices. As such, the value of exports was 5% back on year earlier levels, at €423 million.

GB pig prices slide again

21 March 2018

Following two weeks of relative stagnation, the EU-spec SPP returned to decline in week ended 17 March. At 145.34p/kg, the price averaged 0.37p lower than the previous week.

More pigs to finish, but UK sow numbers recorded as stable

21 March 2018

Defra figures indicate that, as at 1 December 2017, the UK pig herd had increased by 4% on year earlier levels.

Producer share of retail price stable, as retail and farmgate prices fall

21 March 2018

The producer’s share of the pork retail price in February stood at 40%, according to AHDB estimates. This was in line with the previous two months, but one percentage point below year earlier levels.

In depth: Improvements in GB sow productivity accelerate

20 March 2018

In 2017, the latest figures from Agrosoft indicate that GB sow herd productivity improved significantly. The average number of pigs weaned per sow per year reached 25.8 in the 12 months to December, an increase of 0.9 compared with the previous year. This is well above the average annual improvement of 0.5 recorded over the previous five years. The improvements are particularly encouraging considering the increasing focus on reducing antibiotic usage.

Canadian herd expansion continues apace

20 March 2018

According to the latest figures from Statistics Canada, the total number of pigs in Canada reached 14.3 million head in January 2018, 3% higher than year earlier levels. This represents the fourth consecutive year of expansion for the Canadian pig industry.

Slaughterings continue to accelerate in February

20 March 2018

The latest Defra census results indicate that clean pig slaughterings increased a substantial 12% on year earlier levels during February.

GB pig prices steady on the week

14 March 2018

In the week ended 10 March the EU-spec SPP remained steady on the week, rising by a modest 0.05p to 145.71p/kg. The price stood 4p below year earlier levels when, in the equivalent week last year, prices were rising.

Pockets of improvement for EU pig meat consumption

14 March 2018

Last year was a somewhat mixed picture for household pig meat purchases in the key EU consuming countries.

Modest start for 2018 pig meat trade

14 March 2018

Despite significant growth in production in January, UK pork exports were less than 1% higher than year earlier levels during the month, totalling 17,000 tonnes.

Strong Irish exports in 2017

13 March 2018

During 2017, Ireland exported 191,350 tonnes of fresh and frozen pork. This was a 4% increase on 2016.

Small decline in EU pig kill in 2017

12 March 2018

The latest figures from Eurostat confirm that pig supplies were lower overall in the EU last year.

EU pig prices recovered strongly in February

12 March 2018

The EU average pig reference price has recorded some significant upwards movement over the past month.

Beast from the East freezes GB pig prices

07 March 2018

The EU-spec SPP remained stable in the week ended 3 March, at 145.66p/kg.

Increase in EU weaner prices

07 March 2018

In the 12 weeks to 25 February, the average 30kg EU weaner price has generally trended up week-on-week, increasing by €5.82 overall to stand at €48.02/head.

Spanish exports to the EU increase

07 March 2018

Spain is home to the largest pig herd in the European Union. Supported by higher production, Spanish exports of fresh and frozen pork by volume were up a further 3% in 2017, following an 18% increase in 2016.

Global prices stabilised at the end of 2017

06 March 2018

Despite falling from the highest levels since 2014 earlier in the year, global pork prices stabilised in the latter quarter of 2017.

Further growth for pig farm business incomes in 2017/18

06 March 2018

According to the latest forecasts from Defra, the average farm business income (or net profit) increased again on specialist pig farms in 2017/18.

Overall rise in English pig herd, despite stability for breeding pigs

02 March 2018

Defra figures from the December Pigs survey indicate that, as at 1 December 2017, the English pig herd had increased by almost 3% compared to the previous year. This took the total pig population to over 3.7 million head, the largest at this time of year since 2009.