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Pig prices continue to edge upward

30 May 2018

The EU-spec SPP continued its upwards movement in the week ended 26 May. The measure currently stands at 148.17p/kg, a rise of 0.23p week-on-week. Despite the increase, the latest quote is still behind year earlier levels, with the difference widening to 11.93p.

Producer margins eroded further in Q1

30 May 2018

A rising cost of production and falling finished pig prices meant that producer margins were further depressed during the first quarter of 2018.

Feed report: Sliding real presents export opportunities for Brazil

30 May 2018

The value of the Brazilian real (R$) has tumbled in recent weeks.

Feed Report- May

30 May 2018

Read our commentary on the latest developments in the global cereal and oilseeds markets.

New research shows shoppers back 'Brand Britain'

30 May 2018

Shoppers in the UK say they want to buy British food, but not at any cost - with research showing even a small rise in price could see a switch to buying imported alternatives.

Diverging trends on the EU sow market

29 May 2018

Continental sow prices seem to have become more polarised over the past six months.

Our changing eating habits

23 May 2018

Attitudes towards mealtimes have changed through the generations.

Pig prices heat up on the back of BBQ weather

23 May 2018

During the week ending 19 May, the EU-spec SPP gained 0.73p week-on-week, to 147.94p/kg. The measure currently stands 11.27p below the same week last year.

Defra revises UK pig slaughterings data

23 May 2018

The latest Defra statistics release includes downward revisions to official UK pig slaughtering numbers from November 2017 onwards.

EU economic outlook: cautious growth forecast

23 May 2018

The European economy has grown at the fastest rate in a decade during 2017, according to the spring 2018 economic forecast from the European Commission.

EU pig meat production in February still strong

23 May 2018

In February, EU pig slaughtering increased 1% on the year to 20.5 million head, according to data from Eurostat. This showed a slight slowdown in slaughterings compared to January, bringing the total for the first two months of the year to 43.9 million head, 4% (1.9 million head) higher than the same period last year.

EU exports decline in March

22 May 2018

The EU exported 190,300 tonnes of pork in March, 8% less than last year, according to the latest data from Eurostat. Average prices also fell by 7%, and so the fall in the value of exports was down by 15% on year earlier levels, at €432 million.

Producer share of retail price falls marginally

22 May 2018

During April, the share of the pork retail price received by producers stood just below 39%, according to AHDB estimates.

Pig Pocketbook and Pork Yearbook now available

16 May 2018

This week’s Pig & Poultry Fair saw the launch of two annual publications, which between them provide a wide range of information about the pork market.

GB pig prices continue to climb

16 May 2018

In the week ended 12 May, the EU-spec SPP rose a further 0.59p on the week. At 147.21p/kg, the current quote is 11.24p lower than the equivalent week last year.

Retail sales of pork continue to decline

16 May 2018

During the 12 weeks ending 22 April, the volume of fresh/frozen pork sold at retail level declined by 5% on-the-year, according to retail data from Kantar Worldpanel. Shelf prices may well have influenced this decline as the average price per kilogram increased by 4% year-on-year; the combined effect was total spend in the sector remained steady.

Older age groups enjoy more out-of-home eating occasions in 2017

16 May 2018

Eating out has become more popular among older age groups. In 2017, the 65-plus age range increased their visits to pubs and restaurants by 9.5% when compared to 2016, with the 50-64 age group rising by 4.6%. Growth has come across the three biggest channels - Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), Pubs and Full Service Restaurants (FSRs).

Danish pig herd still in growth

16 May 2018

The number of pigs in Denmark on the 1 April 2018 totalled 12.7 million head, a 4% increase on year earlier levels, although down 1% compared with the number recorded on 1 January. Over the past year the number of pigs in Denmark has been growing, with the total number of sows currently in the breeding herd increasing by 3% year-on-year, to 1.3 million head.

UK pig meat trade in March

15 May 2018

Despite production of pig meat declining during March, reported exports rose by 13% year-on-year.

Weekly gains in GB pig prices

09 May 2018

The EU-spec SPP for the week ended 5 May stood at 146.62p/kg.

Japanese pork imports dip

09 May 2018

Despite strong gains in pork imports into Japan last year, trade has eased in the first quarter of 2018.

In depth: Low pig prices limit Chinese import demand

09 May 2018

Chinese pig meat imports have been slow this year so far, reflecting low domestic pork prices. How might demand pan out in the rest of 2018?

The 'Big four' become the 'Big three'

09 May 2018

Last week, J Sainsbury plc and Walmart Inc (owner of Asda) announced they had agreed terms in relation to a proposed combination of Sainsbury's and Asda to create one combined business.

EU pig prices fall steadily

09 May 2018

The EU average pig reference price has steadily declined over the past month.

South Korean pork imports grow- but for how long?

08 May 2018

At 147,000 tonnes, South Korea’s imports of fresh/frozen pork increased 15% compared with last year in the first quarter of 2018.

Brazilian pork exports start 2018 lower

02 May 2018

During the first quarter of 2018, Brazil exported 16% less fresh/frozen pork than in the same period last year. This reflects the ongoing Russian ban on Brazilian pork imports, which previously accounted for over 40% of Brazil’s pork export volumes.

Largest rise in GB pig price since July

02 May 2018

The EU-spec SPP recorded the largest increase of the year so far in week ended 28 April, rising 0.55p to stand at 145.82p/kg. With a slightly smaller increase being recorded for the equivalent week last year, the gap compared with 2017 levels also narrowed marginally, to 10.71p.

Strong start to the year for EU production

02 May 2018

The latest figures from Eurostat indicate that EU pig slaughterings in January 2018 totalled 23.3 million head.

Pork retail volumes down, while value is up

02 May 2018

In the 12 weeks ending 25 March, retail sales volumes of fresh/frozen pork have declined by 2.5% year-on-year, according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel.

Straw prices breaking record levels

02 May 2018

In 2017, harvest was a drawn out affair with some difficult conditions, especially in the North.

USDA forecast for world markets and trade

01 May 2018

The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service has released its latest update on Livestock and Poultry: World Markets and Trade.