Older age groups enjoy more out-of-home eating occasions in 2017

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Eating out has become more popular among older age groups. In 2017, the 65-plus age range increased their visits to pubs and restaurants by 9.5% when compared to 2016, with the 50-64 age group rising by 4.6%. Growth has come across the three biggest channels - Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), Pubs and Full Service Restaurants (FSRs).

Most notably, 9.5% more visits were made by over-65s through the biggest and most important channel, QSRs - a choice which might not be traditionally associated with this demographic. Visits to pubs by every other age group declined, but 14.6% more visits were made by diners aged over 65. The trend is similar for FSRs: growth is coming only from those in the 50 years and over age groups.


For some older people, eating out and to a lesser extent eating meat, were rare treats and not commonplace. This attitude is shifting, so if positioned correctly, there are opportunities for the meat industry and it’s possible that red meat and food service can grow together.

However, something to watch is the 74% of 55+ year-olds who say increasing food prices are their biggest concern when it comes to their financial circumstances (IGD Jan. 2018). Any pressure on household budgets due to grocery inflation could have an impact their propensity to eat out. This too, is something that will also impact other age groups. Click here for the full article