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Poultry market update – November 2018

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Alongside pork, beef and lamb, poultry is another popular meat protein choice for consumers and competes as a rival against the red meat proteins. So although poultry is not a sector AHDB covers in depth, understanding developments in the poultry industry can offer some insight into potential implications for red meat demand.

During the first nine months of 2018, UK production of poultry totalled 1.4 million tonnes, up 5% (61,000 tonnes) year-on-year. Much of this increase can be attributed to broiler and turkey production, recording rises of 4% (50,800 tonnes) and 9% (9,200 tonnes) respectively.

The number of broiler chickens slaughtered has increased 4% (30.8 million) on year earlier levels to 810 million birds.  The number of turkeys slaughtered has increased by around half a million.

Reflective of the increase in production, commercial broiler placings are up 5% (35.5 million head), to 824.2 million head during the first nine months of the year. The increase in poultry placings has been driven by the rise in the number of GB commercial broiler numbers. A 6% rise has been seen in the numbers of commercial layers, while turkeys and breeders have seen little change year on year.

At GB retail level, fresh and frozen poultry has remained popular, recording a 3% rise in volume year-on-year during the 12 weeks ending 7 October, according to data from Kantar Worldpanel.


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