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SPP similar to last week

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The EU-spec SPP stabilised in the week ended 24 November, falling by just 0.05p in comparison to the previous week, to 143.52p/kg.

This is the smallest weekly price decline since July, leaving the current quote under 10p back on the same week last year for the first time since April. Nonetheless, this is still the lowest weekly price since October 2016.

Similarly, throughputs were also in line with week earlier levels. Estimated slaughterings were down just 800 head week-on-week at 187,000 head, though this was still the third highest throughput of the year. The average SPP carcase weight also fell only slightly to 84.53kg, down around a third of a kilo. The average probe measurement decreased to 11.2mm. Compared to the same week in 2017, throughputs continue to be lower (-4.5%) and weights are still running ahead, with the margin widening to almost 1kg.

The EU-spec APP for the week ended 17 November fell by 1.17p to, counteracting the slight upward movement that had been recorded the previous week. This leaves the current quote just over 9p behind the same week in 2017. The gap between the APP and the SPP for the same week fell to just under 4.0p.


A price could not be published for 30kg weaners again in the week ended 24 November, with limited trade preventing a statistically robust price being achievable. Meanwhile, prices for the 7kg category increased to £38.16/head, up £2.85 on the previous week even though reports indicate demand continues to be poor. The quote continues to run behind last year’s price, however the gap has narrowed to £3.09, the smallest since April.


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