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Poor demand continues to weigh on pig price

31 October 2018

During the week ending 27 October, the EU-spec SPP continued on a downward trend, as has been the case since the end of July. 

Profitability- could physical performance be key? Part 1

30 October 2018

Previously, AHDB has explored how rising production costs have been contributing to narrowing producer margins this year. The latest figures show that, on average, farrow-to-finish operations were making just £1/head in the second quarter of 2018, while finishers were back in the red. Nonetheless, there will clearly be variation between producers, with some still able to make good profits.

UK production set to increase again in 2019

30 October 2018

In 2019, UK pig meat production is expected to rise again, according to the latest supply forecasts from AHDB.

Mexican pork imports from the US still growing- despite hefty tariffs

30 October 2018

In June this year, Mexico retaliated to the introduction of tariffs on shipments of steel and aluminium to the US, by introducing retaliatory tariffs on US pig meat imports. Despite this, pig meat imports from the US have remained strong in subsequent months, according to the latest figures from INEGI.

Italian pork imports continue to grow

30 October 2018

Italy’s pork imports in the year to July increased by 8% on a year earlier to 591,300 tonnes, according to the latest figures published by Istat. This increase perhaps reflects continuing improvements in demand for pig meat. Italian production is also understood to have been higher this year, based on data from the European Commission.

Feed Report- October

24 October 2018

Read our commentary on the latest developments in the global cereal and oilseeds markets.

EU pig prices under pressure

24 October 2018

The EU average pig reference price has now been falling for six consecutive weeks, with the current figure the lowest since February.

Pig Prices continue downward trend

24 October 2018

During the week ending 20 October, the EU-spec SPP fell for the 14th consecutive week, declining 0.93p. This is the biggest weekly fall during the 14 week period and the price now averages 145.37p/kg, 11.70p below the same week last year.

EU exports grow in August

24 October 2018

Exports of fresh and frozen pork grew by over 5% year-on-year in August, to 169,000 tonnes, according to data from Eurostat. However, global markets are under pressure at the moment, so a 12% fall in achieved export prices meant the value of these exports fell by 7% to €362 million.

Further growth for EU pork production ahead?

24 October 2018

Growth in EU pig slaughterings is expected to continue in 2019, according to the latest figures provided by the EU forecast working group for pig meat.

Dutch exports fall

24 October 2018

Dutch exports of fresh/frozen pork in the first seven months of the year are down, by 3% (-17,300 tonnes) compared to same period in 2017, to total 500,000 tonnes.

Pig Prices continue to ease

17 October 2018

During the week ending 13 October, the EU-spec SPP continued downwards, falling by 0.49p to 146.30p/kg. The price is currently 11.59p below the same week last year.

EU short-term outlook published – autumn 2018

17 October 2018

Over the summer the dry conditions caught many headlines and also affected European cereal production, with total production estimated to be down by 8% on the average, according to the European Commission.

Doubts over the June survey results

16 October 2018

The UK pig herd increased by 1% compared to a year earlier, to 5.0 million head, according to the June Agricultural Survey figures published by Defra. Within this, there was stronger growth in England (+2%), but this was countered by declines from Northern Ireland (-2%) and Scotland (-3%).

Rising EU prices boosted competitiveness of UK pork in August

16 October 2018

UK imports of pig meat declined in August, while exports increased compared with a year earlier, according to the latest figures from HMRC.

USDA forecasts global growth in pork production and trade

16 October 2018

The latest forecast from the United States Department of Agriculture predicts global pork production will rise by 1% in 2019. This reflects continued expansion in China and the United States, underpinned by global economic growth driving increased demand.

Growth in UK production stalls in September

16 October 2018

UK pig meat production totalled 72,900 tonnes in September, a 5% decrease compared to the same month a year earlier.

Pig prices edge downwards

10 October 2018

In the week ended 6 October, the EU-spec SPP fell once again, to 146.79p/kg. The week-on-week fall of 0.42p is typical of the declines that have been recorded since early August, and brings the SPP to the lowest level since May this year.

Mixed trends in EU member state pig numbers

10 October 2018

The overall EU pig herd increased slightly in the year to June 2018, according to provisional figures from Eurostat, however within this there was some contraction in the breeding herd. The latest census results cover 14 countries, including all the major producers, so should be representative of the whole EU.

Volume of pork traded within the EU increases

10 October 2018

The volume of fresh/frozen pork traded between EU countries increased in the first half of 2018, compared with year earlier levels, according to the latest Eurostat figures.

Polish pig production continues to grow

10 October 2018

Following growth during 2017, Polish pig meat production continues to grow in 2018.

EU production growth accelerates in July

10 October 2018

EU pig meat production returned to year-on-year growth in July and, at 6%, the increase was larger than in the first half of the year overall. Output totalled 1.91 million tonnes during the month.

Red meat sales decline as summer extends into autumn

09 October 2018

During the 12 weeks ending 9 September, meat retail sales declined, according to data from Kantar Worldpanel.

Lacklustre demand keeps pressure on pig prices

03 October 2018

During the week ended 29 September pig prices continued to track downwards for the 11th consecutive week.

UK pork imports stable in Q2 2018

03 October 2018

The latest export data from the UK’s key pork suppliers suggests imports were stable on year earlier levels in the second quarter of 2018.

EU losing share in Philippines import market

03 October 2018

The Philippines is a growing market for pork and offal, however the importance of the EU as a supplier seems to be waning in recent months.

US hog numbers continue to climb

03 October 2018

On 1 September, the US pig herd stood at 75.5 million head, up 3% year-on-year and 3% higher than 1 June 2018, according to the latest quarterly report from the USDA. Furthermore, this positive movement reflects the trend seen over the past 3 years, with the 2018 figure marking the highest September pig inventory on record.

UK wheat stocks hit four year low

03 October 2018

UK wheat end stocks have hit a four year low of 1,718Kt, according to the end of season balance sheet released by AHDB/ Defra yesterday afternoon.