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Pig prices edge downwards

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In the week ended 6 October, the EU-spec SPP fell once again, to 146.79p/kg. The week-on-week fall of 0.42p is typical of the declines that have been recorded since early August, and brings the SPP to the lowest level since May this year.

Estimated slaughterings for the same week declined by 3% to 171,900 head, with reports suggesting factory breakdowns may have limited throughputs. However, compared to the same week in 2017, this estimate is almost 12% higher, although slaughter was unusually low in this week last year. The average SPP carcase weight increased by nearly half a kilo to reach 83.82kg, likely reflecting improved pig growth rates now the weather has cooled. This is the heaviest weight recorded since April this year, but remains over 600g below the corresponding week last year.

For the week ended 29 September, the EU-spec APP also recorded a similar downward movement, losing 0.47p to stand at 150.46p/kg. The price has now fallen around 2.5p over the past two months. The gap between the APP and the SPP for the same week was stable, as the SPP also declined by 0.47p, at 3.25p.undefined

In the week ended 6 October, the 30kg weaner price dropped by a significant £5.23 to £46.64/head, with demand for spot weaners reported to be very poor, while supplies remain ample. This was the lowest 30kg weaner price since September 2016. The price of 7kg weaners also recorded a decline of £1.25 to £36.07/head. The prices for both weights of weaners continue to fall back behind the same week of 2017; in the latest week 30kg weaners were £9 cheaper than last year, while the price of 7kg weaners was over £7 lower.


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