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Feed Report- September

26 September 2018

Read our commentary on the latest developments in the global cereal and oilseeds markets.

Pig prices continue decline

26 September 2018

During the week ended 22 September pig prices continued to track down as they have been in recent weeks.

EU pig prices moving down

26 September 2018

The last four weeks have been mixed for the EU average pig price.

Rising food prices but still below 2014 levels

26 September 2018

Food prices have recently been grabbing headlines, with the UK CPIH* recording a 2.4% year-on-year rise in August, to 106.5, according to data from the Office for National Statistics.

Russia holding firm on pork import bans

26 September 2018

In the first six months of the year, Russian pork imports amounted to 26,000 tonnes, down by almost 80% year-on-year. For Q2 alone the decline is closer to 90%, with just 8,300 tonnes imported during this period.

Pig prices soften slightly

19 September 2018

During the week ended 15 September pig prices continued on their downward trajectory of late. The EU spec SPP fell by 0.28p, to 147.77p/kg. The price is currently 14.56p below last year’s price.

EU competes on price as pork exports grow in July

19 September 2018

In a continuation of the trend recorded in June, EU exports of fresh and frozen pork rose by 3% in July compared with a year earlier, to 164,000 tonnes, according to data from Eurostat. However, export prices across the region remained around 14% lower than a year ago, leading to the value of July exports falling by 9% year-on-year to €359 million.

UK pork exports fall and imports rise in July

19 September 2018

During July, exports of fresh/frozen pork fell by 10% when compared to a year earlier, to total 16,400 tonnes, with a decline in value of 9%, to £22.3 million.

UK production higher in August

18 September 2018

The UK produced 81,800 tonnes of pig meat in August, with 947,000 clean pigs slaughtered according to data published by Defra. Production in the month was 4.5% higher (3,500 tonnes) than in August 2017.

English pig herd increases in the first half of 2018

18 September 2018

The English pig herd increased by 2% compared to a year earlier, to over 4 million head, according to the June Agricultural Survey figures published by Defra.

African Swine Fever enters Western Europe

18 September 2018

Last week, African Swine Fever (ASF) was confirmed in wild boar in Belgium for the first time. The official report to the World Animal Health Organisation (OIE) indicates 4 cases have been discovered so far, with 3 dead animals found and a further individual culled in Étalle, less than 20km from the border with both France and Luxembourg. This outbreak is particularly significant, as it is the first time in ASF has been discovered in Western Europe in over a decade.

Prices show a small decline for GB pigs

13 September 2018

During the week ended 8 September, the EU spec SPP fell by 0.23p, to 148.05p/kg. This continues the downward trend recorded in recent weeks. The price is currently 14.87p below last year’s price.

EU pig production remains up in Q2

12 September 2018

EU pig production in the second quarter of 2018 is up, by 190,000 tonnes (+3%), compared to the same period last year to total 5.8 million tonnes (including some estimated figures).

There may be trouble ahead for global pork trade

11 September 2018

The global pork market has become increasingly turbulent in 2018. New tariff measures, the spread of African Swine fever, and a background of rising global production, have increasingly disrupted the normal patterns of trade. On top of this, elevated feed prices are anticipated in many regions, which could pressure margins and disrupt supply expectations moving forward.

Lower production hasn’t curbed German pork exports

11 September 2018

Lower pig meat production in Germany in the first half of 2018 did not stall export volumes. Exports of pork were in fact up 2% (+17,900 tonnes) on the same period last year.

Straw prices slip but still elevated

11 September 2018

During June, big square baled barley and wheat straw prices in England and Wales declined by £25 to £74/tonne and £23 to £65/tonne respectively, according to data from the British Hay and Straw Merchants Association (BHSMA).

Are rises in UK food prices out of line with global trends?

07 September 2018

Food prices have been hitting headlines in recent months.

Another small decline for GB pig prices

05 September 2018

During the week ended 1 September, the EU spec SPP fell by 0.43p, to 148.28p/kg. This continues the slow decline in pig prices of late. The price is currently 15.46p below last year’s price.

Weather continues to influence retail meat purchases

05 September 2018

During the 12 weeks ending 12 August, meat retail sales continued to follow trends set out in the past two updates, according to data from Kantar Worldpanel. With much of the country continuing to have experience warm, dry weather, BBQs will have remained popular.

Is a changing industry supply structure driving weaner prices?

05 September 2018

Up until 2014, analysis suggested that weaner prices were determined by a combination of the finished pig price and feed prices. The ultimate value of the finished pig, plus the necessary feed costs in the final stage of production, together produced the value of a 30kg weaner. While trends in the weaner price and the finished pig price broadly followed each other, when the feed price rose, the value of the weaner as a share of the finished pig price fell, and vice versa. However, more recently, it would appear that this inverse relationship has broken down.

Finishers bearing the brunt of narrowing margins

05 September 2018

Last week we highlighted how AHDB cost of production estimates indicate that, on average, GB margins had narrowed to just £1/head (1p/kg) in the second quarter of this year.This estimate covers the whole production cycle, and so is most relevant for farrow-to-finish operations. However, it is also possible to estimate margins for different production stages individually. How do breeding and finishing models compare?

Slight decline in Northern Ireland pig herd

03 September 2018

Following strong growth throughout 2017, the Northern Ireland pig herd as at 1 June 2018 declined by 2% year-on-year, according to preliminary results of the June agricultural census from DAERA.

Processed products boost Irish pig meat exports to record level

03 September 2018

In the first half of 2018, Ireland exported 144,800 tonnes of pig meat and offal, up 8% on 2017 to a record level.