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UK pork exports fall and imports rise in July

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During July, exports of fresh/frozen pork fell by 10% when compared to a year earlier, to total 16,400 tonnes, with a decline in value of 9%, to £22.3 million.

Exports to China are down 17% (-575 tonnes) in July 2018 compared to the previous year. Trade with Denmark is also notably lower in July, down 40% (-1,200 tonnes) to total 1,800 tonnes. However, exports to some countries have shown positive changes in trade. Deliveries to the high value US market increased 82% in July to total 950 tonnes. Meanwhile, shipments to Sweden also recorded strong growth, totalling 800 tonnes, a 146% (+477 tonnes) increase on the year.


In contrast to the fresh/frozen pork trade, data from HMRC reports that offal exports rose by 11% in July compared with the year earlier, totalling 7,000 tonnes. China, the largest market for UK offal exports, commanding a 48% share of UK offal exports, increased shipments during July, up 32% to total 3,340 tonnes. Chinese tariffs on US pig meat products, along with the strengthening of the US dollar against the Yuan in recent months, is likely to have reduced the competitiveness of US products in Chinese markets. Overall the value of offal to China totalled £3 million, a 48% rise compared to July 2017.

During July, HMRC reported imports of fresh/frozen pork to be up by 5% (+1,800 tonnes) on the year, totalling 38,800 tonnes. Shipments from Germany and Spain both increased significantly, by 47% (+3,000 tonnes) and 27% (+800 tonnes) respectively. Shipments from Denmark, the largest exporter of pork into the UK, decreased by 10% (-1,300 tonnes) during July to total 12,000 tonnes. Average import prices fell by 13% on year earlier levels in the month to £1.83/kg; this resulted in the value of imports falling by 8% to total £71 million.


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