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SPP just edging upward

24 April 2019

The EU-spec SPP for the week ended 20 April reached 138.67p/kg, a small increase (0.36p) on the previous week. Since the start of March, the SPP has risen by 1.24p.

There remain signs of an imminent uplift in demand, with a sharp rise in EU prices making this product less competitive on the UK market. Demand from China is also reportedly strong. However, the SPP remains 6.60p below year earlier levels at the moment.

Higher pig meat imports continue in February

24 April 2019

UK pork trade in February was more subdued than January. Imports were still higher year on year but export volumes were lower, despite a higher value. This is perhaps indicative of stockpiling efforts by processors preparing for the original Brexit date at the end of March.

New scenarios modelling: Pig farms could suffer post-Brexit

24 April 2019

AHDB has released a second set of scenarios, identifying the possible impacts of Brexit on the farm incomes in 2022.

The report models two scenarios: a free trade agreement between the UK and Europe (UK-EU FTA) and a “no-deal” Brexit where the UK trades with the EU under WTO rules (WTO: UK tariffs), applying its own import tariffs.

Brazil pork trade pivots back to Russia

24 April 2019

Brazilian exports of pig meat in the first quarter of 2019 were much the same as 2018 levels, totalling 160,000 tonnes. However, after having a ban on exports to Russia lifted, Brazilian exporters have shifted from their two largest markets (China and Hong Kong) to resume trade with Russia.

EU pork shipments up so far in 2019

24 April 2019

EU exports of fresh and frozen pork during January and February 2019 totalled 394,400 tonnes, up 8% year-on-year. This is according to the latest Eurostat figures.

Worsening forecasts for China’s ASF outbreaks

23 April 2019

Over the past few weeks, the serious effects of African Swine Fever in China have become clear.

Little change anticipated in EU production

23 April 2019

In its latest Short Term Outlook, the EU Commission forecasts there will be little change in EU pig meat production in 2019.

GB breeding herd productivity declines

18 April 2019

The latest physical performance data, provided to AHDB by Agrosoft, shows that GB breeding herd productivity declined in 2018. This is the first year performance has not improved since 2010.

Pig prices back on the rise

17 April 2019

After two consecutive weeks of decline in the EU-spec SPP, the measure has gained over half a penny in the most recent week. In the week ending 13 April, the measure firmed by 0.64p to average 138.31p/kg. It is possible that the strong demand for EU pork from China due to the ongoing epidemic of African Swine Fever has finally lent support to prices.

Dutch pork exports flat despite rising production

17 April 2019

In 2018, the Netherlands exported 902,100 tonnes of fresh/frozen pork, barely changing from 2017. This was despite higher Dutch production; provisional data from Eurostat shows an 8% (+112,500 tonnes) increase in 2018. Exports are crucial for the Dutch pig industry as it is over 200% self-sufficient. The value of these exports was also lower, amounting to €1.8 billion, down 5% on 2017.

Why aren’t UK pig prices moving up yet?

17 April 2019

In recent weeks, EU pig prices have shot up. This reflects a significant uplift in demand on the Chinese market, as African Swine Fever (ASF) starts to take a toll on supply levels. The EU average pig reference price reached 136.12p/kg in the week ended 7 April, and so now stands just 2p below the UK reference price. This means that when delivered to UK customers, standard UK pork will now be cheaper than the EU equivalent.

UK slaughter flat in the first quarter

17 April 2019

UK clean pig slaughter in March totalled 854,600 head, under 1% lower than the same month in 2018. Factory breakdowns had limited supplies for much of March, but higher throughput at the end of the month compensated for this.

A later Easter affects red meat sales

16 April 2019

In the 12 weeks ending 24 March, GB volume sales of primary red meat, poultry and bacon declined 3% year-on-year.

USDA expects ASF to cut global pork supplies

16 April 2019

The latest USDA* global outlook report anticipates global pork production will fall by 4% in 2019.

SPP falls again

10 April 2019

In the week ending 6 April, the EU-spec SPP declined for the second consecutive week. Prices fell by 0.06p to average 137.67p/kg. Prices still remain well over 7p below last year’s levels.

EU pig prices pick up the pace

10 April 2019

The EU pig price continued increasing during March with the reference price increasing €6.70 to average €142.62/100kg. The EU-28 price was €150.01/100kg in the week ended 31st March, the highest weekly price since the beginning of September 2018.

EU weaner prices motor upwards

10 April 2019

During quarter one of 2019, EU weaner prices have followed the typical pattern for the time of year and gained strength. During the week ending 31 March, the EU weaner reference price stood at €49.03/head, just above the five year average price but almost €3 below the same week last year.

Danish pork exports rise in 2018

10 April 2019

Between October-December 2018, Danish exports of fresh and frozen pork rose 2% year-on-year to reach 283,000 tonnes. This brought total export quantities for the year to 1.1 million tonnes, up 3% from 2017. Despite Denmark shipping more product abroad during the year, the total value of these exports fell by 9% to DKK 16.5 billion (€2.2 billion).

Chile - niche pork exporter

10 April 2019

Although a small exporter, Chile has premises licensed to ship pork to the EU. North American pork could become price-competitive under a no deal Brexit. What about Chilean pork?

Intra –EU pork trade steady in 2018

10 April 2019

Intra-EU pig meat trade (excl. offal) in 2018 declined only marginally (-0.5%) on 2017 levels. The trade flows in 2018 totalled around 7.4 million tonnes, based on reported export data.

SPP changes direction

03 April 2019

After a few weeks’ increases, the EU-spec SPP recorded a week-on-week decline of 0.23p, to stand at 137.73p/kg in the week ending 30 March. The measure continues to trend below year earlier levels. Brexit is of course continuing to bring uncertainty to the market.

Italian imports rise

03 April 2019

In 2018, Italy imported 1.06 million tonnes of pig meat (excl. offal), 4% more volume than the year before. A 4% rise in imports of fresh and frozen pork (over 90% of Italian pig meat imports) caused most of this growth. Despite Italian pig slaughter falling slightly (-1%), domestic production of pig meat remained relatively steady, totalling 1.47 million tonnes.

EU pig numbers down

03 April 2019

The overall EU pig herd decreased to 148 million head in the year to December 2018, according to provisional figures from Eurostat. Most of this decline was due to a 4% fall in the German pig herd, alongside 7% fewer pigs in Poland. Pig numbers also fell in Denmark, but to a lesser extent.

EU meat demand struggling

02 April 2019

Demand for pig meat in the EU has not been in step with supply levels in recent years, driving price volatility. Last year, there was more pork on the EU market but no clear increase in demand for this product, and so prices came under pressure. Data for 2018, from key countries including Germany, France, Spain and Italy, provide further confirmation of this.