Photo of Q2 pig feed production up 1%, driven up by breeding feed

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Q2 pig feed production up 1%, driven up by breeding feed

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GB pig feed production in the second quarter of this year reached 456,000 tonnes, according to our latest data.  

Production of early grower and finishing feeds declined on the year. However, a rise in production of grower and breeding feed more than compensated for this. As such, GB pig feed production increased by 1% compared with Q2 last year. 

We expect production in the second half of this year to be about 2% higher than year earlier levels, as highlighted in our latest pig market outlook. The rise in grower feed production during Q2 is in line with this expectation.  

We also expect some growth in the breeding herd, as recent sow slaughter levels have been comparatively low, reflecting the slightly younger herd. An expanding breeding herd would increase feed demand, and could be a factor behind the increase in breeding feed production.


In terms of cereal usage in GB animal feed production (including integrated poultry units) during Q2, maize inclusion has continued to remain high. At 155,000 tonnes, this is more than double the usage when compared to the same period last year.

Earlier in the season, maize was included in feeds at the expense of barley. However, ex-farm feed barley prices have fallen below the price of imported maize, due to high stocks of old-crop and expectations of a large new-crop. This has encouraged feed producers to include barley in rations once again, with a 10% increase on Q2 last year.


The increased usage of barley and continued high use of maize have offset a reduction in the use of wheat, which fell by 14% on the year, to 806,000 tonnes.