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Slight increase for the SPP

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GB finished pig prices continued to show little movement in the week ended 10 August, with the EU-spec SPP reaching 153.01p/kg.

This was 0.21p higher than a week earlier and nearly 4p above year-earlier levels. Lacklustre domestic demand continues to hamper farmgate prices, despite the high price of imports.

Estimated weekly slaughter totalled 175,300 head, a little higher than last week and up 2% from a year earlier. Carcase weights during the week averaged 83.50kg, also slightly higher than the previous week. Pigs are still nearly 1kg heavier than a year earlier, which is further boosting supplies on the market.


In contrast, the EU-spec APP for the week ending 3 August fell to 155.21p/kg, a week-on-week change of 0.54p. During the same week, the EU-spec SPP stood at 152.80p/kg, meaning the APP was 2.41p higher.

For the week ended 10 August, the 7kg weaner market edged down slightly to £39.67/head, 13p lower than the week before. This latest quotation is nonetheless £2.26 above the week last year. Meanwhile, the 30kg weaner price gained £2.97 compared to when it was last published two weeks ago, reaching £54.46/head. This was the highest price since last September. Reports suggest demand for weaners is variable at the moment, with fatteners mindful that 7kg pigs sold now will be finished in the Christmas/New Year period. Fattening space may also be relatively tight, with more piglets coming through.