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SPP steadies slightly

30 January 2019

The EU-spec SPP took a slight respite from downward movement in the most recent week.

Spotlight on ASF: Impact on Chinese meat consumption

30 January 2019

Last week, we established that the volume of pig meat that could relatively easily be shipped to China falls short of the supply gap likely to open up this year. This week, we discuss how Chinese consumption of pork and other meats may be affected as a result.

Pork supply outlook uncertain in 2019

30 January 2019

The AHDB Outlook for UK pig meat supplies, produced back in October, has been reviewed to take account of recent developments in production and trade.

South Korean pork imports continue to grow

30 January 2019

South Korea is currently one of the fastest growing pork consumption markets in the world. Despite increasing domestic production (+3% according to USDA estimates), South Korea still imported more pork in 2018, going against previous industry expectations. In 2018, fresh/frozen pork imports to South Korea totalled 571,000 tonnes. This is a 17% increase (+82,000 tonnes) compared to 2017 levels.

EU weaner prices recover, but not for everyone

30 January 2019

After trending downwards for much of the summer, EU weaner prices have staged something of a recovery. Prices have been rising since late October, and in the week ending 20 January, the average EU weaner price was €41.50/head. This is €2.73 below last year’s price, but over €8 higher than the lows seen in the autumn.

Meat remains popular with shoppers, although mix of product changes

24 January 2019

During the 12 weeks ending 30 December, total primary meat retail sales remained steady on year earlier levels, according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel. Within this some categories did perform more strongly than others. Of course the most recent period includes the all-important Christmas period.

SPP weights continue to break records

23 January 2019

The EU-spec SPP continued to slide in the week ending 19 January, falling by -0.71p to stand at 138.78p/kg.

Spotlight on ASF: Opportunities for key exporters

23 January 2019

Last week we examined the potential size of the Chinese import gap this year, as China’s production becomes affected by African Swine Fever. In this article, we discuss opportunities for the key suppliers individually.

China- a valuable asset to the UK pig industry

23 January 2019

AHDB has recently published a new report, focusing on the opportunities changing diets and improving wealth present for exporters to China.

Brazilian pork exports regain ground

23 January 2019

In recent months, fresh/frozen pork exports from Brazil have regained some lost ground from the first half of last year. This has put the country in a much better position heading into 2019.

UK pig production higher in 2018

22 January 2019

UK pig meat production totalled 71,900 tonnes in December, which is a slight increase (+1%) compared to a year earlier. This brings production for 2018 to 926,700 tonnes, 24,100 tonnes higher (+3%) than in 2017. This is a result of higher slaughterings for both clean pigs and sows and boars.

UK pig meat exports continue to perform strongly

22 January 2019

During November 2018, UK exports of fresh/frozen pork continued to record year-on-year growth (+5% or 900 tonnes), reaching 19,500 tonnes.

APP and SPP gap continues to widen

16 January 2019

The EU-spec SPP fell once again in the week ended 12 January.

Focusing on feed conversion

15 January 2019

The feed conversion ratio (FCR) is an important performance indicator for pig producers, as it has an influence on production costs.

EU pig prices flat in December

15 January 2019

EU pig prices have recorded little movement in the past four weeks, with the EU average reference price standing at €134.51/100kg in the week ended 6 January.

Spotlight on ASF: Impact on Chinese pork production

15 January 2019

Following last week’s article covering the current spread of African Swine Fever in China, in this article, we explore the potential drop in production that might stem from this.

EU production increases in October

14 January 2019

EU pig production rose 6% in October compared to the previous year. Totalling 2.1 million tonnes, this is also 14% higher than September. This is a result of higher pig slaughterings (+6% Y-o-Y), however carcase weights have dropped slightly across the EU-28 compared to October 2017.

Heavy pigs weighing on prices

09 January 2019

The EU-spec SPP dipped further to 140.02p/kg for the week ended 5 January.

Danish pork exports remain up in 2018

09 January 2019

Between Jan-Sep 2018, Danish fresh/frozen pork exports rose by around 3% year-on-year to total 840,000 tonnes.

Quality wins over quantity for Italian pork market

09 January 2019

Pig meat production in Italy reached 1.1 million tonnes in the year to September, a +1.9% (21,000 t) increase year on year. However, over the same period 8.38 million pigs were slaughtered, 1.4% less than a year ago, demonstrating a growth in carcase weights.

Spotlight on ASF: Contamination in China

07 January 2019

African Swine Fever is set to be an important topic in the global pork market this year, with the level of spread determining global trade flows and import demand. So, every week in this series of articles, we’re going to explore a different aspect of the situation, and what the impacts might be moving forward. This article examines the current level of Chinese contamination.

Spain continues to both produce and export more pork

07 January 2019

Throughout 2018 there has been a strong growth in pig meat production in Spain, according to data from Eurostat.

More growth in US pig numbers

07 January 2019

According to the latest figures from the USDA, the size of the US pig herd increased by 2% in the year to December 2018. There was a similar increase in both the breeding and fattening herds.

Finished pig prices fall, but weaners rally

02 January 2019

During the week ending 22 December, the EU-spec SPP declined by 0.52p on the week to 141.68p/kg.

German pig herd declines significantly

02 January 2019

According to provisional results from the November census, the total number of pigs in Germany fell by 4% compared to year earlier levels.