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SPP steadies slightly

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The EU-spec SPP took a slight respite from downward movement in the most recent week.

For the week ending 26 January, the measure was virtually the same as the previous week at 138.71p/kg. The price is still 8.1p below the 2018 level, with industry reports suggesting demand for pork products remains poor.

Estimated slaughterings in the same week totalled 183,900 head. Although similar to the previous week, this is over 10,000 head above the equivalent week in 2018. The average carcase weight dropped by 610g on the week to average 85.53kg. This has narrowed the gap to 760g compared to the previous year’s level, which it has been considerably above for a number of weeks. Meanwhile, average probe measurements are now in line with the 2018 level, at 11.3mm.


In the week ending 19 January, the EU-spec APP fell by 1.28p to average 143.64p/kg. The SPP dropped by less in the same week and as such the gap between the APP and the SPP narrowed again, to 4.86p.

In the week ending 26 January, the 7kg weaner price dropped a further 86p on the previous week and averaged £34.70/head. Meanwhile there was insufficient data to provide a robust measurement for the 30kg weaner price.


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