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Lower prices failing to stimulate pork sales

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The value of pig meat* retail sales was down 5% in the year-on-year in the 12 weeks ending 19 May, according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel. Prices were on average 2% lower than last year, but the volume sold still fell by nearly 3%.

Fresh/frozen pork

Shoppers’ spending on fresh/frozen pork was down by 3%. Despite price cuts, the volume sold remained similar to last year.

The fall in sales was particularly driven by declining expenditure on chops/steaks. Lower prices for these cuts failed to stimulate volume sales, which also fell by over 3%. Fewer shoppers purchasing these products drove the decline, as the volume per buyer actually increased a little.

There was a similar picture across the fresh/frozen pork category. Overall, the volume per buyer actually increased, which compensated for falling shopper numbers.

One sector bucked the overall trend and performed well during the period. Shoulder roasting joints enjoyed volume growth of 17%, compared to a year ago.


Pork Sausages

Spending on sausages fell 7% over the latest period, compared to a year ago. This probably reflects poorer weather, discouraging barbeque occasions, this year. Although prices fell a little, most of the decline came from falling sales volumes.


Expenditure on bacon was down 8% year on year, with a 7% drop in volume sales combining with a fall in average prices.

Pork sliced cooked meats (ham)

Shopper spend on ham was down 4%, again driven by both falling volume sales (-2%) and prices (-2%).

*encompassed primary, bacon, sausages, sliced cooked meats, chilled main meal accompaniments, ready to cook, pulled pork, pork ribs and burgers and grills