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Danish pork exports drop off in first quarter

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Danish pig meat exports (including offal) in the first quarter of 2019 declined by 8% to 337,000 tonnes. Declines have come from fresh pork and offal exports. Exports to Germany, Denmark’s top market, have recorded a 22% decline during the period.


Exports to China (+3,300 tonnes, 6%) and Japan (+2,200 tonnes, 8%) are both up, as are shipments to the UK (+5,300 tonnes, 12%). However growth in these markets is insufficient to compensate for further declines in a number of other important markets:

Biggest export market reductions (total pig meat):

  • Germany: -22,000 tonnes (-22%)
  • United States: -3,800 tonnes (-34%)
  • Poland: -3,500 tonnes (-11%)
  • Italy: -3,300 tonnes (-13%)
  • Sweden: -2,500 tonnes (-31%)


Pig meat imports also declined over Q1 as a whole, by 4% to total 44,000 tonnes. However this can be attributed almost solely to January, when less German product came to Denmark. Imports in February and March have grown year on year, with deliveries from Poland and Germany both increasing year on year.