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SPP price steadies

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After a long period of decline, the EU spec SPP steadied, rising slightly (+0.2p) in the week ending 9 March.

The price for the week averaged 137.63p/kg. This is currently just over 8p below the previous year’s price. Despite this slight steadying of the price, market reports suggest that demand still remains lacklustre, albeit with a more manageable supply situation.

Estimated weekly slaughterings show numbers down 8,300 head on the week to 164,800 head. This is also around 5,100 head lower than the same week of last year. The SPP carcase weight was 85.15 kg, which still remains over 1kg higher than the previous year and very much the same as the previous week.


The EU-spec APP declined for a second consecutive week in the week ending 2 March. The price measured 142.19p/kg. With the SPP declining at a much slower rate in the corresponding week, the gap between the two prices has now narrowed to 4.76p. 

In the week ended 9 March the 7kg weaner price dropped slightly, by 24p to average £35.15/head. This is down just over 6% compared to the price a year earlier. Meanwhile the 30kg weaner price averaged £45.85/head, down £3.09 compared to two weeks ago, when a price was last reported.


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