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Lower production limits German pork exports

30 May 2019

Total pig meat production in Germany fell by 4% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2019, to total 1.3 million tonnes.

SPP keeps climbing up

29 May 2019

The EU spec SPP has continued to creep upwards in the week ending 25 May.

Global growth in poultry demand strengthened by ASF

29 May 2019

African Swine Fever (ASF) in China is expected to increase demand for other proteins besides pork, including poultry. With recent forecasts suggesting Chinese pork production could fall by over 10 million tonnes, other proteins will be needed to fill the supply gap.

How is China influencing global pig prices?

29 May 2019

Pig prices in both Europe and the US started to climb sharply in March, following a reported 20% drop in Chinese sow numbers as African Swine Fever takes hold. However, the market reaction has slowed in recent weeks.

China dominates the EU export market

29 May 2019

At 218,900 tonnes, the latest EU trade figures report a 15% year-on-year increase in pork exports in March, a considerable improvement from the 6% increase in the previous month.

Feed Report- May

29 May 2019

Read our latest commentary on the cereals and oilseeds markets.

French pig meat exports pick up in first quarter

23 May 2019

In the first quarter of the year French pig meat exports (including offal) totalled 169,200 tonnes, 3% higher than the same period in 2018. This contrasts with the second half of last year, when exports were falling sharply.

Q1 pig feed production update

23 May 2019

Our latest feed production data shows:

  • Production of grower feed has increased by 88,900 tonnes on the year
  • Production of finishing feed has seen a 3% drop on the year
  • Production of breeding feed increased by 5% on the year during Q1

FAO forecasts a drop in global pork production

23 May 2019

The latest FAO Food Outlook has been published, outlining updated production forecasts for the global meat industry for 2019. The report details global trade market outlooks for the year particularly in the face of African Swine Fever.

US pork exports struggle as Canada makes headway

23 May 2019

US pork trade has been struggling over the last few months. Various tariffs imposed on US agricultural products have been limiting export volumes in the first quarter of 2019. Meanwhile Canada has been making the most of increased demand in China.

SPP up 1.51p but still below last year's prices

22 May 2019

In the week ended 18 May the EU-spec SPP rose 1.51p to average 144.45p/kg during the week.

African Swine Fever is widespread in Vietnam

20 May 2019

The latest report from the OIE, confirms over 2000 new cases of ASF, affecting more than 1.3 million domestic pigs.

Pork production increases in April

16 May 2019

Clean pig slaughter in April was up by 1%, to 888,700 head, according to Defra data released this morning (Thursday 16th May). This keeps pig slaughter for the year roughly in line with the same period of 2018.

Danish pig herd declines in April census

16 May 2019

The Danish pig herd fell by 4.4% to total 12.2 million head as at 1 April, compared with the same period last year according to Statistic Denmark. The figures show a reduction of 3.8% in the size of the pig herd since January.

Fresh pork hogs the limelight in Q1

15 May 2019

Sales of pork in the 12 weeks ending 21 April:

  •          Volumes of fresh & frozen pork increased by 4.7%
  •          Household penetration of shoulder roasting joints increased by 21%
  •          Total pig meat* sales down on the year

SPP lifts on tighter supply

15 May 2019

In the week ended 11 May the EU-spec SPP rose 1.26p to average the week on 142.94p/kg. Increasing demand in Europe continues to feed through to UK prices.

Challenging start to the year knocks Japanese imports back

14 May 2019

Japanese imports of pig meat this year have fallen considerably. In the year-to-March, imports of pig meat (including offal) totalled 269,000 tonnes, 6% less (16,000 tonnes) less than last year.

SPP continues to gain traction

08 May 2019

The EU-spec SPP continued to gain momentum in the week ended 4 May. A rise of 1.84p means the price for the week averaged 141.68p/kg. This is largest weekly rise the SPP has recorded since August 2016.

South Korean pork imports stable in the first quarter of 2019

08 May 2019

South Korean imports of fresh and frozen pork were relatively stable on the year in the first quarter of 2019. Total imports fell by just 0.5% to 146,200 tonnes from January to March compared to the year before. This follows a year of surging domestic demand for pork, as imports rose by nearly 17% in 2018 from the year before.

Russia increases production, reducing reliance on imports

08 May 2019

Since 2014, Russia has reduced reliance on pork imports, with bans on all EU pork products implemented in August 2014. A number of other western countries have also had embargos placed on their products. Russia hasn’t sought to replace these products, instead increasing domestic production.

EU pig prices continue upwards

08 May 2019

During April, EU pig prices continued to track upwards, with the reference price gaining almost €20 over the past four weeks. During the week ending 28 April, the reference price stood at €169.53/100kg, according to European Commission data. This is €27 higher than a year ago.

Feed grain report 11 March – 12 April

02 May 2019

UK delivered feed wheat prices rose slightly across the month as sterling levelled out on its February gains. UK barley prices reached a market floor as Brexit uncertainty contributed to a reduced demand.

China: Trade war outweighing ASF impact?

02 May 2019

Despite widespread reports that Chinese pork production is lower in the first months of the year, increased import demand for pork that was anticipated has not materialised in the data for the first quarter of 2019. Although on-going problems with African Swine Fever (ASF) are well known, reported pig meat imports declined in the first quarter, driven by lower offal imports.

SPP finally seems to turn a corner

01 May 2019

The EU-spec SPP for the week ended 27 April reached 139.84p/kg up 1.17p on the previous week. This represents the largest increase in a week since June last year and the highest price since the week ended 5 January 2019.

EU pig meat production starts 2019 with a whimper

01 May 2019

EU pig slaughter for January fell a little compared to January 2018, according to data from Eurostat. This followed a 4.5% decline in December, although total throughput in 2018 as a whole was 1.8% higher year-on-year. Pig meat production was flat at 2.2 million tonnes in January.

AHDB’s UK pig meat market outlook – April 2019

01 May 2019

UK pork production is forecast to grow this year and next, as are pig meat exports. Imports may be lower, as EU supplies are expected to remain tight. For more details on the sector’s improving prospects, read the latest production forecast released this week.