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China dominates the EU export market

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At 218,900 tonnes, the latest EU trade figures report a 15% year-on-year increase in pork exports in March, a considerable improvement from the 6% increase in the previous month.

The ASF-related surge in Chinese import demand has boosted the EU export market, despite shipments falling to most other key destinations. China’s share of the EU pork export market reached 43%, with volumes up 63% (+36,700 tonnes).

However, exports to the US dropped back significantly (-38%, 5,200 tonnes), which is perhaps not surprising given expanding production there. South Korea also took less pork than last year (-12%, 3,300 tonnes).


Pig offal exports also strengthened by 13% in March, reaching 121,100 tonnes. Similar to the pork market, the Chinese market required additional supplies (+22%, 12,900 tonnes).