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SPP continues to creep up

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  • EU-spec SPP ↑ 0.46p to 154.21p/kg (w/e 28 September)
  • Estimated slaughter ↓ to 180,900 head (w/e 28 September)
  • EU-spec APP ↑ 0.65p to 156.11p/kg (w/e 21 September)

GB finished pig prices continued to increase in the week ending 28 September. This put prices 7p above the same week last year and nearly 7.5p above the five-year average.

Estimated slaughter for the week totalled 180,900 head, 1,500 head less than last week. Supplies were reportedly tight, however retail demand was described as mixed. 

Carcase weights remained relatively steady on the week (-9g), averaging at 84.28kg/head. Finished pigs were on average 940g heavier than the same time last year.


In the week ending 21 September, the EU-spec APP was over 5p/kg above the same week in the previous year. This is the largest annual change so far this year. The SPP rose slightly more than the APP, and the gap between them has narrowed to 2.36p.

For the week ending 28 September, 7kg weaner prices increased by 39p to average £39.75/head. While this was not enough to compensate for the £1.40+ drop in the previous week, prices still remain more than £2 ahead of the 5-year average and the equivalent week last year. Supplies were reportedly improved.

Unfortunately, there was insufficient data to provide a 30kg weaner price this week.