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Pig Market Trends is our main monthly Market Intelligence publication, providing analysis of the latest situation in the pig market in the UK, the EU and globally. It will provides a summary of developments in the UK and EU pig markets and the global feed market over the preceding month. Each edition also includes a number of more detailed articles providing analysis and insight about particular issues affecting the UK and global pig market.

The latest edition of Pig Market Trends includes articles on the upcoming UK marketing campaign, Pigs 2022 conference, EU pigmeat demand and Mexico.

Pig Market Trends is also available by e-mail free of charge. It is published on the last Tuesday of every month. To subscribe, please contact redmeat.mi@ahdb.org.uk

Past editions of Pig Market Trends can be downloaded below

  • May 2017
    (UK pocketbook and yearbook, EU pig meat quotas, EU economic update)
  • April 2017 
    (UK forecasts, Cost of Production, USDA Global Outlook)
  • March 2017
    (UK census, Danish imports, EU forecasts)
  • February 2017
    (UK forecasts, Consumer Confidence, Irish pigmeat, Trump & Trade)
  • January 2017
    (a review of 2016, Asian trade and US export forecasts)
  • December 2016
    (comparing APP and SPP, consumer tastes,  the Chinese pork industry, Danish pig market)
  • November 2016
    (comparing UK and EU pig prices, modelling pig prices, US & global prices, InterPIG report)
  • October 2016
    (UK outlook, comparing UK and EU prices, EU forecasts, global outlook)
  • September 2016
    (Physical performance, consumer confidence, EU census, United States)
  • August 2016
    (Red meat promotions, tariff impacts post-Brexit, Spain, WTO ruling on Russia)
  • July 2016
    (UK outlook, the retail meat year, CETA agreement, Germany and the rising pig price)
  • June 2016
    (Feed prices and the cost of production, industry structure, EU pig meat demand, Poland)