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In order to keep AHDB’s levy payers updated with the latest market analysis, since July 2017, the content usually found in Pig Market Trends publication has instead been published in a more timely manner in Pig Market Weekly and on the market news section of the AHDB Pork website.

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The data table from Pig Market Trends will continue to be produced, and can be found below:


Previous data tables can be found below:

Past editions of Pig Market Trends can be downloaded below

  • June 2017
    (Marketing campaign, Pigs 2022 conference, EU pigmeat demand, Mexico)
  • May 2017
    (UK pocketbook and yearbook, EU pig meat quotas, EU economic update)
  • April 2017 
    (UK forecasts, Cost of Production, USDA Global Outlook)
  • March 2017
    (UK census, Danish imports, EU forecasts)
  • February 2017
    (UK forecasts, Consumer Confidence, Irish pigmeat, Trump & Trade)