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Daniel FranklinEnhancing the Impact of Regional Health Improvement Programmes

Daniel Franklin - University of Warwick
Duration - 2010-2013

Daniel originally trained as a mathematician, which gave him modelling and computational skills to use on this biological problem. He has been working on this project for three years and will, in the near future, be completing it and presenting detailed results to the pig industry.

Project Aims and Objectives
To develop mathematical simulation models to help understand the role of the metaherd in the spread of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus (PRRSV). To use these models to test control and intervention strategies across the metaherd.

Potential Benefit to Industry:
1. The results of the analysis of the movement data may allow the industry to advise on or re-structure the links formed between herds by the movement of pigs. It may also may allow the industry to restructure metaherds to minimise the success of PRRSV transmission and persistence Finally, the results could be used to guide advice on how best to eliminate or control PRRSV to improve production.

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