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Vasilis SymeouReducing the excretion of phosphorus from growing in finishing pig systems: development of Decision Support Tool

Vasilis Symeou - Newcastle University
Duration - 2010-2013

Vasilis is the son of a pig farmer and has personal experience of the challenges that the pig industry is facing having lived through the transition of Cyprus to the open market of the EU. Vasilis environmental science in Nottingham University and is now applying that knowledge in deriving more sustainable feeding strategies for pig systems.

Project Aims and Objectives
The overall objective is to extend an existing pig growth model (Wellock et al., 2003), in order to be able to predict P digestion, retention and ultimately soluble and insoluble P excretion in the environment, in growing and finishing pigs of different genotypes, fed different diets. The aim is to enable the formulation of pig diets and feeding strategies that maximise P utilisation, whilst minimizing P excretion to the environment, without jeopardising the population’s growth.

Potential Benefit to Industry:
The outcomes of the project will provide recommendations to AHDB Pork on feeding strategies that would be expected to reduce the excretion of P from growing pigs, without penalising the pig’s performance.


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