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Antimicrobial use in the pig industry

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Research partner: Octagon Services Ltd

Sponsor: AHDB Pork

Duration: 2012 – 2014   

Aims and objectives

  • To identify areas of difficulty around collecting antimicrobial usage data for the English pig herd and trial different methods of collection
  • To determine what volume of antimicrobials are used in the English pig herd, providing a benchmark to inform the industry of our current standing in comparison to other EU countries
  • To inform the current debate on antimicrobial usage. 

Findings to date

  • Data was collected from vet practices, integrated production companies and feed mills to gain a full view of how antimicrobials are prescribed, dispensed and recorded
  • A benchmarking tool has been created to help producers and their vets measure antimicrobial usage specific to that farm and therefore be able to set targets for reduction where appropriate
  • The industry can now start to address data gaps and improve data provision throughout the supply chain.