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Boar taint detection using novel technology

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Research partner: University of the West of England (UWE)

Sponsor: AHDB Pork

Duration: 2009 – Present 

Aims and objectives

  • To investigate the development of a novel technology for boar taint analysis. 


The project has now been successfully completed and it has provided a proof of concept for the development of a rapid on-line measurement system for boar taint detection. Further research is required to convert these promising initial results into a commercially available analytical system; such a system is feasible in the near future. 

Further information

In early 2014, a PhD project was accepted to allow for this research to continue between UWE and AHDB Pork. This studentship will allow for the novel technology to be optimised and trialled on a variety of pork samples supplied by JSR Genetics Ltd. Validation will be performed against the gold standard analytical method High Resolution Gas Chromatography. 

Once the current project is complete the validated technology will be ready for commercialisation which will require the technology to be integrated into a user-friendly portable device.