Photo of Piglet castration in Europe (PIGCAS)

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Piglet castration in Europe (PIGCAS)

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Research partners: Eleven core partners from across Europe, including University of Newcastle. Thirty-six participants as country contact persons, including AHDB Pork.

Sponsors: European Sixth Framework Programme, participants

Project duration: 2007 -2008 

Aims and objectives

  • To collect information on the attitudes of relevant stakeholders
  • To collect information on the practice of pig castration
  • To evaluate research work and other information to examine the various alternatives to surgical castration without anaesthesia and derive research priorities
  • To integrate the collected information and evaluation in a report providing support for EU policy. 


  • The study identified large variations in castration procedures, both within and between countries
  • The project has given access to information on practice and attitudes related to castration in the EU and an opportunity to provide input to the proposed research priorities that have been be presented to the European Commission as part of the final report of the project. 

Further information

B. Fredriksen, M. Font i Furnols, K. Lundström, W. Migdal, A. Prunier, F. A. M. Tuyttens and M. Bonneau (2009). Practice on castration of piglets in Europe. animal, 3, pp 1480-1487. doi:10.1017/S1751731109004674