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Research partners: Scottish Agricultural College (SAC), Universities of Leeds, Newcastle and Nottingham and MLC
Industrial partners: ABNA, Frank Wright, Primary Diets, Provimi
Sponsors: Defra, AHDB Cerals and Oilseeds and AHDB Pork 
Project duration: 2003-2007

Aims and objectives

To develop sustainable management systems for weaner pigs through nutrition, without input from antimicrobial growth promoters (AGP), while maximising use of home-grown cereals and oilseeds. 


  • Under commercial conditions, high quality diets (cooked cereals and animal protein sources) led to improved health and performance immediately post-weaning compared to low quality diets (raw cereals and plant protein sources). There was however no long-term effect of post-weaning diet on pig health and performance
  • Under commercial conditions, wheat extrusion improves weight gain and feed intake in the immediate post-weaning period but these benefits were not apparent four weeks post-weaning
  • Extrusion did not improve pig performance under low levels of amylase, but resulted in increased weight gain and intake at high levels of amylase; these benefits were still apparent by day 26 post weaning.


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