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Price Trends

09 Sep 2019

EU Reference Price (p/kg dwt)

163.28 (-0.46p/kg)

07 Sep 2019

Est GB clean pig Slaughterings (000 head)

183.3 (1.86%)

31 Aug 2019

Est GB weekly sow slaughterings (000 head)

4.44 (0.06%)

1. Growing demand drives up Mexican pork production

In the first half of this year, Mexican pork production was 6% higher compared to the same period last year. However, this growth is expected to drop off in the second half of the year. 

2. Pig meat supplies stable in August

Defra slaughter figures for August show a 1% decrease in clean pig slaughter compared with a year earlier, totalling 938,500 head. However, one fewer weekday in the month this year may have influenced this decline.

3. EU pig meat production down in the first half of 2019

Pig meat production in the EU fell once again in June, by 5% compared to the previous year, to total 1.8 million tonnes. The number of pigs slaughtered in June also fell, by 6% to total 19.3 million head. 

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