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Price Trends

07 Oct 2019

EU Reference Price (p/kg dwt)

161.97 (0.88p/kg)

12 Oct 2019

Est GB clean pig Slaughterings (000 head)

175.27 (-3.19%)

28 Sep 2019

Est GB weekly sow slaughterings (000 head)

5.06 (1.1%)

3. EU Per Capita Consumption

Figures on per capita meat consumption are no longer published by the EU. No consistent figures on consumption levels are available elsewhere. The figures below are based on calculations taking the balance between pig meat production, imports and exports. They do not take account of any movements in stock levels. Therefore, while they should give a broadly accurate indication of consumption levels and trends, they should be treated with some caution.

Please note that the figures below are in carcase weight equivalent and do not take account of waste, so will be higher than the actual amount consumed.

1. EU short-term outlook: China’s demand for pork boosts EU exports

The latest European commission short-term outlook report expects that EU pork exports will continue to rise. This reflects increasing Asian demand due to African swine fever (ASF). The outlook also suggests EU pig meat consumption per capita is set to decrease by 2% (0.5 kg) during 2019.

2. UK pork exports continue to perform strongly August

The UK’s pork export market has performed well for another month. In August, shipments of fresh/frozen pork were up 17% on the year, at 21,300 tonnes. 

3. GB finished pig prices keep moving up

  • EU-spec SPP ↑ 0.45p to 155.77p/kg (w/e 12 Oct)
  • Estimated slaughter to 175,300 head (w/e 12 Oct)
  • EU-spec APP ↑ 0.97p to 157.34p/kg (w/e 5 Oct)

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