Carcase Cooling

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Carcase cooling 

The Houston Report (published by the Royal Agricultural College 100 club in June 2012) identified carcase cooling as a possible means of adding value to fallen stock and recommended that “the Danish system of cooling for storage of porcine carcases on farm merits consideration”

It recommended there should be “enhanced collaboration between farmers and fallen stock collectors in pursuit of optimum practical storage arrangements on farm”. However, there is little independent evidence to verify the effectiveness of on-farm carcase cooling. 

Since the Houston Report a feasibility study on the desirability of the UK pig industry adopting carcase cooling as an on-farm method for the storage of fallen pigs prior to disposal, was conducted on behalf of BPEX by Research partners: FABRA and Harper Adams University. Further details can be found here

There is an AHDB Pork field trial underway to evaluate the operation and performance of carcase cooling containers for the on-farm storage of dead pigs (fallen stock) in England.  Click here for summary of initial findings.

Video: Cooling container on a Danish unit 

Cooling containers are already used on many European pig units and this clip shows one example in use in Denmark.

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