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Water quality and quantity

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Adequate, good quality drinking water is a precious resource and essential for meeting welfare legislation and achieving optimum physical performance.  

Designing A Water Supply System for Livestock

Designing a water supply system for livestockThis guide covers a wide range of issues that should be taken into consideration when designing a water supply system for a pig unit. These include infrastructure, cleaning and in-water medication, as well as the design of distribution and drinking systems. The guide includes standard values and calculations, which are a basis for ensuring that water is distributed safely, at flow rates and pressures that deliver volumes to satisfy the demand from livestock.

Download the guide here

A report written by RAFT Solutions Ltd. has collated information on how best to test, maintain and clean waterlines, as well as highlighting considerations when using water as a delivery vehicle for medication. 

It includes:

  • Guidelines for drinking water quality for pigs
  • Advice on the most effective ways of cleaning water (both indoors and outdoors), depending on relative contamination and setup
  • Advice on what to consider when setting up water systems in new and existing buildings
  • Considerations when medicating through waterlines, to target antimicrobials and vaccines.

Download report: Optimising the Use of Antimicrobials – Preparing the industry for in-water delivery in the short term and improving hygiene and more effectively targeting medication in the longer term

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