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Significant Diseases Charter

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What is the Significant Diseases Charter?

The Significant Diseases Charter is an extension of the original Swine Dysentery Charter (which closed on 1 May 2017). The Charter has an important role in sharing information quickly in the event of an outbreak to make the control of disease faster and more effective. It covers the sharing of information for both Swine Dysentery and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PEDv) outbreaks and may be extended to cover other diseases in future.

How are the diseases confirmed?

If you suspect your pigs to have either of these diseases, you should contact your vet immediately. As PEDv is a notifiable disease, there is a requirement to report this to the Animal Plant and Health Agency (APHA). Samples will be sent to APHA by your vet and analysed using an approved laboratory test. PEDv is confirmed using a PCR test. If a PEDv test result is reported as positive, APHA will notify both your vet and AHDB.

For Swine Dysentery, samples will also be sent to APHA by your vet. Swine dysentery is confirmed through bacterial culture or PCR. Swine Dysentery is not a notifiable disease, therefore APHA will only notify your vet of the test results. As a Charter member, you or your vet should then report this to AHDB.

The disease confirmation in both of these instances can then be shared by AHDB, using the Charter.

Will sharing these details damage my reputation?

No, when reporting an outbreak, the Charter identifies the following:

  • Out code of your postcode (please note this will only be sent to Charter members)
  • Region
  • The disease itself and when confirmed

Please note your personal details will not be shared with Charter members or external bodies. Remember the Charter is here to help prevent the spread of disease and to protect the industry.

How do I sign up?

Previous members of the Swine Dysentery Charter will need to sign up again, as the Significant Diseases Charter will now replace the original version. Please sign up to the Charter through the Producer or Corporate section of your Pig Hub account at If you have any queries or need help to access your account, please do not hesitate to email us at or contact Cheryl Barker, Health Coordinator at or telephone 024 7647 8893.