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This section gives you access to all of our regular and ad hoc publications about the pig meat market. Latest and back issues of our weekly and monthly publications can be accessed through the menu.

The Exports Bulletin provides updates on news relevant to UK exporters of pig meat.

The UK Pig Meat Market Update gives a monthly overview of the main developments in the UK market, covering prices (UK and EU), production, international trade, consumption and the feed market.

Pig Market Trends is our main monthly market publication, with an update on market developments in the UK and EU, along with a number of more detailed articles providing analysis and insight about particular issues affecting the UK and global pig market.

Pig Market Weekly provides the latest news and analysis of the UK, EU and global pig market via an e-mail newsletter. Back issues are available here.

Pig & Poultry Pocketbook

The annual pocketbook provides easy access to a range of key statistics about the pig and poultry sectors, including industry structure, production, prices, international trade and consumption.


MeatStats is a series of tables providing a summary of key data about the UK and global meat sector. The tables cover the markets for beef, lamb and poultry meat as well as pork.

Each table contains time series data back to at least 2000 and, in most cases, as far back as 1990. Some tables also include up to two years of quarterly data. MeatStats is updated quarterly, with the annual figures being updated every April.

To download the full set of MeatStats tables, please click here (note: this file is large)

Alternatively, to download any individual table, please click here and then select from the links listed.

AHDB Pork Yearbook 2015-16

The AHDB Pork Yearbook details the work being carried out in Knowledge Transfer and Research, Development and Innovation. This covers all the research projects, including those under the innovation fund scheme, an update on the Two Tonne Sow campaign and a section which takes a look at the industry in figures. This includes everything from technical performance trends and cost of production data to carcase weights and average back fat measurements.

Pig Meat and the Environment

Cutting the pig industry's impact

The environmental impact and carbon footprint of English pig production are completely interwoven and the industry is seeking to begin to tackle both at the same time.

These two reports look at the carbon footprint of pig production together with the sustainability of the industry.

They pose many challenges but the industry is already seeking and introducing ways to tackle those challenges.

International Market Reports

Reports analysing international aspects of the pig market, including UK trade with overseas markets and the market impact of EU policy developments, such as the 2013 changes to pig welfare regulations, including the partial ban on sow stalls.

Industry Structure

Assorted reports on other aspects of the pig meat supply chain.