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AHDB Pork organises and runs several study tours for producers each year. 

Study tour to IrelandThe tours are aimed at looking at new technologies and/or production systems, both in the UK and overseas. They are usually 50% funded by AHDB Pork, with the remaining 50% coming from a commercial company. If producers are interested in viewing a particular system or technology overseas, or have an idea for a study tour, they should contact their knowledge transfer manager.

Recent Study Tours


Activity: A trip to look at environmental and buildings issues, including reducing emissions, increasing profits and complying with legislation at the same time
Who: Producers representing a large proportion of the pigs reared in England, vets, nutritionists, researchers and the Environment Agency
Sponsored by: AHDB Pork
Report: Download report
Photo stories: Intellifarm conceptpH reduction of slurry and new farm construction in Denmark

Flanders, Belgium

Activity: Two farm visits looking at slurry flushing systems and bio-scrubbers
Who: A small group comprised of producers, AHDB Pork and AIG
Sponsored by: ABN 


Activity: Two farm visits looking at ventilation systems (automatically controlled ACNV)
Who: Nine producers along with AHDB Pork and AIG
Sponsored by: Boehringer Ingelheim 
Photo story: Study tour to Ireland


Activity: To see how producers in the Netherlands achieve an average of 30 pigs weaned/sow/year while routinely keeping sows to eight parities and to look at feeding and managing sows for                         longevity and reduced replacement rate
Who: A small group comprised of producers, AHDB Pork and AIG
Sponsored by: Zarkos-Smith Associates Ltd and SwiNco


Activity: study tour to Holland to look at antimicrobial usage
Who: representatives from the NPA, Veterinary Medicines Directorate, AHDB Pork, veterinary practices and producers
Sponsored by: Pig Health and Welfare Council and AHDB Pork
Report: click here

Study tour to Ireland