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Price Trends

17 Feb 2020

EU Reference Price (p/kg dwt)

155.78 (-0.03p/kg)

15 Feb 2020

Est GB clean pig Slaughterings (000 head)

175.6 (2.58%)

08 Feb 2020

Est GB weekly sow slaughterings (000 head)

5.5 (1.33%)

1. France pork exports up, imports down in 2019

During 2019, French pig meat production was up by around 1% (+19,000 tonnes). Pig meat export growth outstripped this through, posting a 10% increase (+50,000 tonnes carcase weight equivalent) for the year as a whole.

2. UK pork exports rise in 2019 while imports fall

Latest trade data from HMRC shows UK fresh/frozen pork exports in 2019 rose by 12% on the year, while imports were down 2%.

3. ASF: are there trading opportunities beyond China?

Besides China, African swine fever (ASF) is now affecting several other key pig meat trading countries. These include Vietnam, the Philippines and South Korea. We explore the supply and demand impact on these countries and what it might mean for global trade.

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