Greenhouse gas action plan

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Greenhouse gas action plan

The Greenhouse Gas Action Plan (GHGAP) sets out how the agriculture industry in England is responding to the challenge of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions. It shows a commitment to tackling climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by three million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year from 2018-2022. The GHGAP is one of a range of initiatives already helping farming produce more while impacting less. Organisations from across the industry have been involved in the GHGAP including AHDB.

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APRIL 2012 - GHGAP Progress Report and Phase II Delivery

Jim Paice, then Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, said “The Greenhouse Gas Action Plan has put the agricultural sector on a path to meeting its goal to reduce emissions. The action plan can help promote the kind of measures that farmers can take to produce more, improve their competitiveness, and reduce their emissions. The farming industry now needs to build on this progress and continue to show leadership in the run-up to the Rio+20 Earth Summit and beyond.”