Pre-application discussion

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Before starting on an application, producers should make sure they complete the pre-application checks.

  • Contact the local Environment Agency (EA) office to arrange a pre-application discussion.  The Environment Agency’s customer services will be able to put producers in touch with their local office:  call 03708 506 506.
  • At the pre-application discussion the Environment Officer will advise about the application process and identify nearby nature conservation sites and neighbours who will need to be considered in the environmental risk assessment.   They will also advise about what should and should not be included in the permit.
  • The Environment Officer will gather the information needed for the EA to run a simple screening assessment of expected ammonia emissions using their Ammonia Screening Tool.  They will produce a report which says whether the producers need to employ an experienced consultant to produce a detailed modelling assessment to assess the potential impact of ammonia emissions at nearby nature conservation sites.  Producers will need to include the pre-application screening report and, if needed, detailed modelling assessment with their application. The assessment and modelling report will form part of the risk assessment.    
  • If the modelling report indicates emissions from the farm exceed the allowable threshold at the nature conservation site, producers will need to propose reduction techniques to reduce emissions to the allowable level. For help with this contact the AHDB Pork environment team at
  • It is possible that odour and noise from the farm may impact nearby receptors such as local residents, schools, hospitals, parks or businesses.  Producers will need to submit a written odour and noise management plan as part of their application where their farm is within 400 metres of sensitive receptors or if it has been the cause of odour complaints in the past. 

Please refer to the AHDB Pork Model Templates Odour Management Plan (B3.5 8b) and Noise Management Plan (B3.5 8c) for examples and sources of information to help produce plans, available here.