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Pig buildings & housing development

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The British pig industry has suffered from a lack of investment in buildings, mostly in nursery and grower/finisher accommodation.  for English pig producers – how to plan, design and build a new finishing house.

outside - straw basedA consequence of this is poor pig performance on many pig units and this leads to an increased cost of production. AHDB Pork conducted a survey to establish the condition of pig buildings in England, including producers’ attitudes to investment in new buildings and associated technology. The results can be found here

The appendix can be found here

AHDB Pork offers producers the opportunity to visit other producers in the UK and overseas to look at different building systems and technologies. One example was the AHDB Pork study tour to Ireland in October 2014 which looked at how the Irish pig industry has developed over the last twenty years and, in particular, how producers have coped with loose housing of sows since the EU sow stall ban, as well as looking at wet feed systems and novel ventilation systems. Download the report.

For a chance to see a webinar of building related issues from various AHDB Pork study tours click here

AHDB Pork has also produced a comprehensive guide to new building construction for English pig producers – how to plan, design and build a new finishing house.

Finisher pig buildings design and build bookFinisher Pig Buildings Design and Build – a blueprint for English farms

Click here to download 

A hard copy version is available free of charge to AHDB Pork levy payers.  Please contact  providing your name and business address.

For more detailed information regarding building design please refer to the AHDB Pork Environmental Management for Healthy Pig Production document or the AHDB Pork British Pig Project.

A pocket book summarising the key figures and legislative requirements for pig accommodation in England has been published by AHDB Pork - download 

Silage, slurry and agricultural fuel oil regulations

If producers run a farm in England that stores silage, slurry or agricultural fuel oil, they need to abide by the Water Resources (Control of Pollution) (Silage, Slurry and Agricultural Fuel Oil) Regulations, known as the ‘SSAFO’ regulations.

The regulations are intended to minimise the risks of pollution from silage effluent, slurry and agricultural fuel oil by setting out standards that are required for the design and construction of storage facilities on farms in England and Wales. They apply to all slurry stores and reception pits.

Defra factsheets and notification forms are available on its website.