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Soil, water and air are farmers’ fundamental tools and precious resources to be used with care. Protecting them for security of supply and for future generations is very important.

This page is concerned with meeting legislative requirements and providing guidance on good practice.


This includes water used by the farm and prevention of water pollution. Drinking water protection zones are influencing the siting of both indoor and outdoor pig production units.


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This includes soil management, prevention of contamination and loss plus managing soil nutrients.


Download Soil Management Plan for Outside Pig Keepers 

Download Good Soil Management Practice for Outside Pig Keepers

Download Land Management Plan

View soil management videos on the AHDB Pork Practical Pig App

Download the Simply Sustainable Soils briefing from Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)

Download AHDB Dairy's booklet on effective use of water on dairy farms


Air is a conduit for gaseous pollutants which include odour, ammonia, greenhouse gases and bio-aerosols (dust and particulates). There is an AHDB Pork model template (no. 12) to help produce an odour management plan available here.

Code of Good Agricultural Practice

 The ‘Code of Good Agricultural Practice (COGAP) for farmers, growers and land managers, Protecting our Water, Soil and Air’, published by Defra provides a comprehensive overview of key issues and concise guidance.

The Code describes key actions that can be taken to protect and enhance the quality of water, soil and air. In some cases this may also achieve cost savings for the business. It will also help meet legal obligations including those relating to cross-compliance.