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6-7 June 2017

Day one was spent looking at the global picture, with invited guests from all over the world. 

Day two, the Innovation Conference, was provided free of charge to all English levy payers and addressed some of the big issues facing the industry – antibiotics, BREXIT, health and welfare and the changing consumer as well as a big focus on the innovation required to remain competitive.

Day 1

      Adam Couch: The future of the British pork industry

      Asger Krogsgaard: How Danish Crown is facing the challenge of the global market

       Bruce Ross: The impact of BREXIT on the British pork sector

      Connor McVeigh; Supply Chain Director, McDonald’s UK

       Nicholas D. Giordano: Snapshot of the US pig industry

       Richard Brown: Global pork market outlook

Day 2

      Caroline Kealey: How to guide to reducing Boar Taint 

       Dr Emma Baxter: The role of alternative farrowing systems in the future

       Dr Nathalie Quiniou: Tailored feed curves for the future 

       Jeroen Dewulf: Associations between biosecurity, herd characteristics, production parameters and antimicrobial usage in pig production in four EU countries

       John Richardson: To weigh or not to weigh, that is the question

       Kate Mellor, Ricardo Neto and Andrew Palmer: Investigating the Holy Grail?!

       Kelly Westmacott: Novel technology for boar taint analysis

       Mick Hazzledine: How does the nutritionist handle farm data?  

       Prof Patrick Wall: Adapting to potential changes in export and consumer requirements

       Richard Williamson: Beeswax Dyson Farming