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UK pig meat production ramps up in December

16 January 2020

In December 2019, UK clean pig slaughter reached 934,400 head, 12% more than the same month in the previous year.

Strong UK pig meat exports continue

16 January 2020

UK pork exports recorded another increase in November 2019, with shipments up by 13% compared with the same month a year earlier. At 22,400 tonnes volumes were a record high for the month but a little lower than in October.

Further decline in German breeding herd

16 January 2020

Latest figures from Eurostat show that the decline in the German breeding herd continued during 2019.

Another year of high EU pig prices ahead – but risks remain

15 January 2020

Although the EU pig market has fallen a little lately, prices remain at exceptionally high levels with strong underlying market drivers.

Heavier pigs influence SPP

15 January 2020

In the week ended 11 January, the EU-spec SPP moved marginally lower (-0.03p). Despite this week on week drop it is still nearly 23p above the price in the same week last year.

EU prices pause for breath over holiday period

14 January 2020

In the four-weeks ending 5 January 2020, EU pig prices actually fell by €2.67 to €192.62/100kg. This belies the generally strong sentiment that still underpins the market.

Italian pig meat production falls

10 January 2020

In October, production was down 5% to 118 thousand tonnes compared with a year ago according to data from Istat. Italian pig meat production is down 12% in the year to October 19, to 1,200 thousand tonnes.

SPP remains steady as new decade begins

08 January 2020

In the first week of the new decade, the EU-spec SPP dropped back marginally on the week (0.01p). Nevertheless, prices are still over 22p above the same week last year.

Chinese protein supply could tighten again following wildfires in Australia

08 January 2020

Australia has now been suffering from a drought for several years, and in recent weeks has faced extensive wildfires.

Increase in the June pig herd

08 January 2020

According to Defra figures that have recently been finalised, UK pig numbers on 1 June 2019 totalled 5.1 million head. This was more than 1% higher compared with the same point a year before, and now indicates four years of growth.