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SPP continues upwards trajectory

19 June 2019

The EU- spec SPP continued its upwards trajectory for the 10th week in a row in the week ended 15 June, increasing 1.10p to an average of 148.95p/kg, the highest price seen since August last year. Though demand is reported as reasonably slow, the price is being supported by tighter supplies attributed to poorly performing animals.

EU exports continue to rise in April

19 June 2019

EU exports of fresh and frozen pork grew substantially in April, underpinned by increasing Chinese import demand. According to data from Eurostat, in April, the EU exported 219,000 tonnes of pork, 30% more than in the same month last year. Exports to China grew by 90%, to 98,000 tonnes.

UK pig meat exports pick up in April

19 June 2019

UK exports of pig meat (excl. offal) increased by 14% (+2,700 tonnes) year on year in April 2019. Increased shipments have primarily gone to China and the Netherlands. China has taken more frozen pork while the Netherlands has increased fresh pork shipments.

EU pig meat production stalls in March

18 June 2019

EU pig meat production has had a bit of sluggish start to the year. Production in February increased by 2.5% on last year. However, a 4.3% drop in March dampened this growth, according to the latest figures from Eurostat. As a result, production for the first quarter of this year was down by 0.7% (-42,400 tonnes) at 6.14 million tonnes.

Pig meat production increases in May

13 June 2019

UK pig meat production grew 3.7% in May to total 80,100 tonnes. Production has been driven by an increase in clean pig slaughter and heavier carcase weights compared to a year earlier.

African Swine Fever and the impact on dairy markets

13 June 2019

As the world’s largest pork producer China accounts for around 50% of pork production globally. The current African Swine Fever epidemic is expected to reduce China’s pork production by 25-35% according to Rabobank, resulting in increased demand for other animal proteins but decreased demand for feedstuffs.

SPP continues upwards

12 June 2019

The EU-spec SPP maintained momentum in the week ending 8 June, increasing 1.38p to average 147.85p/kg. This is the 9th consecutive week of price rises.

EU pig meat demand falling

12 June 2019

Consumer demand for pig meat in the EU has faltered in recent years. Demand for red meat in general seems to be slowing, but pig meat has particularly suffered. Data so far for 2019, from key countries including Germany, France and Italy, further confirms this trend.

EU market outlook: 2019

12 June 2019

The EU commission hosts a working group on pig meat. Forecasts from Member State experts are used to produce a slaughter and pig price outlook for the EU overall. This year, slaughter is expected to decline slightly, while pig prices rise significantly.

All protein markets expected to respond to ASF

12 June 2019

The last time China needed to import large quantities of protein was in 2016, in response to its sow shortage. At that time, understandably, the protein shortage was met with imports of pig meat. In 2019, African Swine Fever (ASF) is expected to increase the demand for imported protein again.