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With the industry facing tough times due to declining pig prices, the resources below provide suggestions and guidance for evaluating your unit and making changes to improve your cost of production.

At the same time, work continues at pace to help drive demand for pork both in the UK, via the latest burst of our Midweek Meal campaign, and through opening and developing export markets for our product.

Brexit: fit for the future

Fit for the future is about looking at your business as a business, putting together a plan of where you want to go and making informed business decisions.

As part of this, AHDB is developing tools like our Brexit Impact Calculator and our farm benchmarking software, Farmbench. Alongside this, we also produce a range of tools and resources that can help you work through business planning issues.

Take a look at our tools, resources and latest Horizon reports on the issues we see affecting the agriculture and horticulture industry.

Pig production costs calculators
Three easy-to-use calculators are now available to help producers calculate their own cost of pig production.

Find all three calculators (breeding, rearing and finishing) here.



Alternative bedding for pigs

Some of the alternative bedding materials discussed here can be used in conjunction with traditional cereal straw, either to replace it or offset the increased cost and allow straw bedding supplies to go further.

Webinar: Getting through tough times, coping with low prices

This webinar from 2016 explores how we can reduce the cost of inputs and look at the industry’s opportunities. Ciarán Caroll of Teagasc  shares the strategies adopted in Ireland to help get through the tough times.

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Help and advice

There are a number of charities and organisations that offer farmers support and advice including: