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Getting through tough times

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With the industry facing tough times due to rock bottom prices, AHDB Pork is coordinating a range of activities to support pig producers. This includes meetings, webinars, online information and ‘what if?’ calculations to help producers re-evaluate their units and influence their cost of production.

At the same time, work continues apace to help drive demand for pork both here in the UK, via the latest burst of the Pulled Pork campaign, and through opening and developing export markets for our product, from China and central Africa to Australia.

Webinar: Getting through tough times, coping with low prices

Ciaran Carroll

Listen again to the webinar, exploring how we could reduce the cost of inputs and look at the industry’s opportunities, following the latest analysis of pig market prospects. Ciarán Caroll of Teagasc shares the strategies they’re adopting in Ireland to help get through the coming months.

Teagasc Pigs Newsletter November 2015 – Getting through tough financial times 

Getting through tough times: regional meetings 

These events are an opportunity for producers to hear from key industry figures, ask questions, re-evaluate their units and work through some ‘what if?’ calculations to influence cost of production (COP).

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There are a number of charities and organisations that offer farmers support and advice including: