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AHDB Pork is looking for producers to be new Strategic Farm hosts, who are keen to find out what works on other farms and try out new ideas to improve pig performance. 

It builds on the success of the pilot initiative at producer David Goodier’s.

Many minds are often better than one and David saw a unique opportunity to learn and improve his 230-sow unit through taking part in AHDB’s pilot Strategic Farm.

David said: “I’ve benefited from the pooling of ideas from other producers and industry advisers, with plenty of practical suggestions on what I could change to help improve pig performance.”

Strategic Farms use farmer-to-farmer learning to accelerate the uptake of knowledge and provide a platform for farmers to explore the potential for best practice to have an impact on their business. The programme is one of AHDB’s Farm Excellence activities, designed to inspire the industry to improve performance and succeed through knowledge exchange.

More information

If you’d like to find out more about what AHDB offers producers through its Strategic Farms, please contact Kate Mellor for a chat.