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German trade stable in 2014

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After a strong export trade in 2013, German fresh and frozen pork exports did not sustain the same rate of growth and were up less than 1% on the year for 2014.

In total, 1.74 million tonnes were exported but at lower prices than in 2013, as supply across the EU was plentiful, in part attributed to the loss of the Russian market. Subsequently, exports directed into the EU from Germany were up 2% on the year, accounting for 1.45 million tonnes of pork, but at a value that was €120 million less than in 2013. Italy continued to be the main export destination for German pork, with volumes up 12% on the year. Poland and the Netherlands, the next largest recipients, however, took a smaller share on the year while some smaller European markets increased their uptake, including neighbouring Austria and France. Growth was also seen with Asian partners, including South Korea and Japan, both compensating for their own disease-disrupted herds, as well as China, the Philippines and Hong Kong. This contributed to exports for the second half of 2014 being higher than the first and pushed fourth quarter shipments up 5% on the year, as well as some festive demand kicking in.


German imports were down almost 2% to 963,000 tonnes, due to decreased deliveries from Belgium, Spain, France and Italy, with domestic production being increasingly sufficient. However, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland and Ireland delivered more pork into Germany but, with falling unit prices across the board, the value of imports dropped 9% on the year to €1.67 billion.