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More wheat and soyameal used in compound feed

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According to latest figures from Defra, compound pig feed production during the first three months of 2015 was 1% lower than a year earlier at 439,000 tonnes.

There were similar small falls in production of breeding and finishing pig feed but 6% more grower feed was produced. Although these figures may subject to revision, they suggest that the size of the UK herd remains broadly stable. The figures also show that the price of compound pig feed remained relatively low, with the average of £237 per tonne only marginally higher than the previous quarter, which was the lowest since 2010. Overall compound animal feed production was up 2%, mainly driven by an increase for poultry feed.


Although no figures are available specifically for pig feed, more wheat and soya meal were used in all compound animal feed production this year. Compared with first quarter of 2014, 16% more wheat was used, replacing other cereals such as barley, oats and maize. There was also a marked increase in the use of cereals by-products, driven by a 45% rise in use of distillery by-products. For protein, 6% more soya meal was used in animal feed than a year earlier, mainly at the expense of sunflower meal, which was less competitively priced than in 2014.