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Retail pork sales still struggling

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Over the 12 week period ending 11 October 2015, retail pork purchases were down across all cuts except mince and other (mainly marinades), according to Kantar Worldpanel.

This is despite a decrease in the average price across all pork cuts as household penetration fell by 5% year on year. This was a result of switching to categories like fresh chicken, chilled ready meals and main meal accompaniments. Sales were also lost to lamb and beef.

The biggest contributor to the fall in volume sales remained chops and steaks, as consumers drop out of purchasing this category. As a result, household penetration was down 8% and there has also been a reduction in the frequency of purchase. Roasting joints were down by 15% in sales value in the past 12 weeks, with volumes falling by 6%. Leg and loin joints are contributing the largest drops in volume. The main driver for all roasting joint declines is a fall in household penetration. Shoulder joints have also registered a volume drop this period but had the smallest decline of all the roasting joints. This is due to an increase in frequency of purchase, despite a fall in household penetration.


Expenditure on bacon fell as both average retail prices and the amount purchased was down. Volume sales have fallen as a result of fewer households purchasing and less being bought per shopping trip. Standard sausages and low-fat sausages were the only types to register growth in the latest 12 week period. Low fat registered the strongest growth on the back of increased household penetration. Both low-fat and standard saw a small increase in levels of promotional activity.Ham volumes have remained stable this period despite average prices falling by 6%, as all of the Big 4 Grocers have increased their levels of total price reduction promotional activity.