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Slight recovery in EU sow market

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Having dropped to its lowest level since the dioxin crisis of January 2011 over the summer, the German sow price has since picked up.

The M1 grade price fell below €1 per kg at the start of July and stayed at this level until September. However, it has since gained over 10 cents, stabilising at €1.08 per kg since mid-September. This takes the price back to a similar level to that seen during the spring but is over 10 cents lower than a year ago. The firming of the German market, along with a slight strengthening of the euro, is reported to have led to some improvement in GB sow prices, albeit from a very low level.


As is normally the case, Dutch and Danish sow prices have followed the German trend closely, albeit at a discount. Having been somewhat stronger during the spring, however, French sow prices have been largely unchanged since the start of June. This means that, having matched the German quote over the summer, the French price is now at a more normal discount to it. Indeed, a slight easing in the latest week increased the gap between French and German prices to 13 cents, close to the average over the last two years.