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Producer share of retail price levels in March

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Having fallen markedly over recent months, the share of the retail pork price received by producers was fractionally higher in March.

Both farmgate and retail prices were about 1% lower in March than in February but the fall for the latter was marginally the larger. The net result was that producers’ share was just over 30%, still among the lowest percentages on record. This is five points lower than in March 2015 and 11 points down on two years before. Over that time, pig prices have fallen by nearly 30%, while retail pork prices have dropped by just 3%, based on a weekly survey carried out by AHDB Market Intelligence.


The reduction in retail prices in March was mainly due to cheaper leg and shoulder cuts, which were down by 2-3%. Prices for most other cuts monitored were only slightly different from February, apart from diced pork which was 2% more expensive. Compared with March 2015, prices for leg cuts were still higher (+2% for boneless leg, for example), as were pork fillet (+4%) and minced pork (+6%). In contrast, shoulder prices were down by 5% on a year earlier, while loin chops and diced pork were also cheaper. Other prices had moved by smaller amounts compared with a year before.


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