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EU production levels back in May

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Provisional figures from the EU Commission show that EU pig meat production increased year-on-year in May, up 3% to 1,879 thousand tonnes.

However, when adjusted to the same working days, production levels were slightly back on 2015 levels, by 2%. Similarly, clean pig slaughterings were also up in May on the year earlier, by 3% to 20.8 million head, and slightly down when adjusted to the same number of working days, by 2%. The decrease in slaughterings and production illustrates the tightening of supplies during May and during the same period, demand from the Far East strengthened considerably. Therefore, both factors assisted in a sharp increase in the EU pig price that was recorded through May.


There were fluctuations in production levels from the member states. German production was up 1% year-on-year, while Spanish production increased by 11% over the same period. Denmark posted the most significant fall in production levels, at 16%, and the Netherlands saw production fall back by a lesser degree, at 7%.


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