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EU sow prices recovering

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After a period of stability at the beginning of the year, the German, Dutch, French and Danish sow prices have all been increasing.

For German and Danish sows, this has been from record low sow prices, and comes as welcome respite. At €1.18/kg, the German price is now back at levels last recorded in November 2014.

The sterling value of the German cull sow price has also increased since the beginning of June, although the weakening of sterling against the euro following the Brexit vote has meant that this rise has been somewhat more subdued.


The German cull sow price has set the trend for other EU sow prices, with them all recording increases. The Danish price has risen from a low of €0.60/kg in March, to finish the latest week at €0.89/kg, which has not been seen since September 2014. The Dutch price started its rally a little later, coming from €0.83/kg in May to finish July at €1.04/kg. The French price has continued its steady increase throughout the year, with the current price at €1.12/kg, €0.33 more than at the start of the year.

With reports of tightening of supplies within the EU, the cull sow price has responded positively to this movement. With the censuses of the major producing states largely reporting an overall decrease in the size of the breeding herds, and production forecast to fall in the second half of 2016, it can be expected that further support to the cull sow price may be forthcoming.


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