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EU production up in October

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EU pig meat production continued to increase seasonally into October, topping 2 million tonnes for the first time this year.

This rise in October is partly due to the high number of working days in the month but can also be partly attributed to increased volumes of product being marketed for the festive period. 2015 levels in this period were 1% higher than the previous year, despite one fewer working days than in 2014. This illustrates that more product was coming to market, at a time when the average pig price was weakening significantly. The increased output was driven by heavier weights as pig slaughterings were almost unchanged from October 2014 at 22.7 million head.


This increase was largely supported by a 19% rise in Danish output, continuing its trend of production volatility experienced in 2015, thought to be due to a change in reporting periods. Smaller increases were also evident in Spain, the UK and the Netherlands, among others. In contrast, there were declines in Germany, France and Poland but these were not large enough to buck the increasing trend elsewhere.

Early figures for November suggest a small increase in production but, with one more working day in the month this year, this represents a slight tightening of supply. However, the picture may change once figures for other Member States are available, especially as pig prices continued falling through most of the month.